Who We Are

Donna Donovan [email protected]
Donna Donovan is a follower of Irish polytheism and practitioner of Sinnsreachd, dedicated to both An Morrighan and Dian Cecht. She walks the path of a warrior…encompassing the values of Honor, Justice, and Courage, as well as the path of a healer.
Ordained as Ban-Draoi in her tradition, she is also ordained and acts as Gythia for various Kindreds across the nation and is the founder of Appalachian Pagan Ministry.

Minerva [email protected]
My name is Teresa Galloway aka Minerva, in the pagan community. I have been spiritually pagan for the past 45 yrs.
In 1981, given the name Minerva by my priestess when I earned my first degree, I have lived my life growing into the name.
Certified Reiki healer and licensed by the state of Ohio as a massage therapist I take my healing skills seriously. As a priestess for the goddess I have had the honor to serve as High Priestess for two of my own covens, later serving as Elder in my community with two different groups. Family is important to me- both by blood and by the heart. I nurture, listen and offer advice when asked.

Rev. Fox [email protected]
Rev. Fox is a Gaelic Pagan, honoring his Gods, ancestors, and the aos sìth, spirits of place and power in rural New Upstate New York with his partner and their two cats. He is a professional artisan, originally from the Deep South, and working every day to improve his lot in an uphill battle. As of Aug 2021, he has been successfully out of prison from a six-year bid. He firmly believes in justice and equality, and welcomes folks from all backgrounds, heritages, and walks of life into his home in the name of hospitality, and into his practice in the name of love and fosterage. He has big dreams and loves to learn and grow. He is learning to speak Scottish Gaelic, and working in the Cairdreabh nan Gàidheal Droaidh seminary program, but the struggle is real. You can find him on his blog: Ravens’ Lighting.

Lightning [email protected]
I went through a Mescalero Apache Vision Quest through a lineage that specialized in passing on ceremonies for Medicine People. I also completed a Santa Clara Tewa Pueblo Vision Quest as well. I am Two-Spirit. During my early years of learning, I also spent a lot of time at the University of California, Riverside’s Anthropology Library, reading the Ethnographies of various Native American Nations. To be particularly clear, I cannot claim Indigenous bloodline myself. I only have family oral history, given the place where the records were supposedly kept burnt down decades before my birth. However, my training in both Mescalero Apache and Santa Clara Tewa Pueblo traditions come directly through Medicine People of that decent. It did not matter to them that I couldn’t prove my affiliation but I understand that it can matter to others. I have been practicing the beliefs, traditions, customs, and spirituality that I was taught for over 31 years.

Amanda Dargitz [email protected]

My name is Amanda Dargitz I’m a Norse Pagan Gythia in California and will be representing APM on the west coast. I am the founder of PNW Pagan Ministry and have conducted pagan marriages and taught Rune classes. I have led Blots in honor of our pagan gods and goddesses inside and outside of prison walls, I’ve traveled to many other countries from which our beliefs have sprung and bathed in cultures that have nourished our beliefs for so long. Although I am a Norse pagan, I have a fondness for all nature-based Pagan beliefs, as I believe all of them bring us closer to the Gods in many different ways …from the Runes of Odin, the Tree of Wisdom of The Druids, and the herbal medicines of Wicca. I am a student and teacher of all. I have never stopped learning new things but my passion is teaching and spreading this way of life to others. I strive to lend and share knowledge so we may all see through our ancestors’ eyes.

I’m a member of the Dragonship of Forseti in Washington and took part in getting Pagan land recognized there. Working hard to get Pagan rights recognized and understood was where I found my real strength. I feel that as pagans, We rise or fall together, and I want to do my part to build something seen by the gods and respected by all.

“I send my ravens out every day
Thought and Memory, I fear that they may not return I fear most for Memory. “…..~Odin the Havamal~

Respectfully, Amanda Helsdottir

Countless people along the way have helped us make this work a reality!!