We here at Appalachian Pagan Ministry offer a variety of services that go beyond what we do for the folks behind the walls. We do not charge for these services to mark you life passages and events, but we do ask that expenses for fuel and travel, overnight housing, and meals (you gotta feed the clergy). Donations are, of course, always welcomed.

• Naming Rites

Certain life events, sure as births, or acceptance into a new family or community often come with a Naming. These rituals usually consist of displaying the new person to their family and community, along with a cleansing, such as washing the forehead or dunking the body in water, and then a blessing to usher them on into their new life.

• Handfastings & Weddings

When one person seeks to join their life to another, a ceremony is often held to honor this union. A handfasting is traditionally a commitment ceremony that lasts for a specified amount of time, typically for a year and a day – but some choose to make these ceremonies cover a lifetime.

Weddings tend to be more formal, and are intended to join romantic partners to each other for a lifetime. These ceremonies can vary greatly even within a given tradition, and you’ll want to work closely with clergy to make sure it works for everyone.

• End of Life Rites

When a person approaches then end of this life, and has the opportunity to prepare for it, clergy can meet with them to go over their final wishes, to bring them both closure and comfort. These are often private meetings, and the wishes of the one passing are the most important thing.

• Funeral Services

When the time comes to usher a loved one out of this life, regardless of the destination, we can officiate the ceremonies to bring comfort, respect, and closure to those close to them in life.

• Memorials

Remembering those that have gone before us can and should be a living part of our community. Whether this is to remember an ancestor or loved one who has passed recently, such as a 1 year anniversary of their birth or death, or even later; or to hold a vigil for those fallen in times of crisis that shocks the community to gather in vigil. our clergy can and will be there for those in need.